Norwegian Soundrop Brings Listening Rooms To Facebook

    More Scandinavian music news for today following our earlier news that Rdio is officially launching in the Nordics. Soundrop, the Norwegian social music platform made popular through their Spotify app, has brought its “listening rooms” to be embedded on Facebook.

    It’s a big deal for the company – they’re now leveraging multiple sources for content while serving up simultaneous playback, making them less dependent on one licensing provider. Rather than Spotify serving the content, the music on Facebook is handled by VEVO and YouTube. The embedded rooms provide the same simultaneous voting, chatting, and playback experience as in the Spotify app.

    Soundrop is being used by artists and labels to drive the deep level of engagement between fans and musicians, as shown by the list below. Artists can join their fans in a chat room and build strong connections and that personal touch, even if they live far from any tour city.

    Now the only question is, are the kids going to hop in the listening rooms? Being untied from any paid subscription service is clearly going to help.

    Upcoming artists and DJs on Soundrop: