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TenFarms Launches Photopoll – A Photo Polling App For iPhone

So let’s pretend you’re out shopping and you see three bedazzled iPhone cases that are solid candidates for your chirp. Yes, in this hypothetical you are a 14 year old girl. You’re out with your lame mom, so how are you going to get that second opinion to find out what’s the real hotness on the streets?

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Boom, with Photopoll you can quickly take pictures of all your choices to get your friends and the public to vote on the best one. It’s useful for trying to figure out the best ice cream flavor, or for answering more abstract hypotheticals like “best place to go vacation”. As long as it has a picture to go with it, you can poll it.

The app lets you grab photos from you phone, camera, Instagram, or Amazon. The app has been released for about a week, and by using the Explore feature, you can see so far users are using it to figure out the best products to choose, vote on the best meme pictures, or have others vote on their best Instagram pictures.

Photopoll was built by Ten Farms, a Los Angeles-based startup with Finnish roots. Nils Forsblom, Founder and CEO of Photopoll tells us, “Photopoll is all about combining utility with fun. We’ve developed the application with the users in mind. That said, there are disruptive opportunities for brands and businesses to tap into the power of instant social feedback from their online communities.”

Everyone’s got an opinion when there are clear choices lined up, so I think Photopoll is built around a nice hook in psychology. The only question from here is will they be able to build a solid userbase? I’d poll you, but I can’t think of a good visual for that.

The app can be downloaded for iOS here

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