Networking Mode: On. Deal Room Access: Granted

2018-05-30 Arctic 15

Attending networking events on a regular basis can easily trap you in a routine: you read up on the event, check the program, secure your spot and when the time comes, you mingle,  try to make connections, or just end up in a corner by yourself sipping a beer only to realize at the end of the day that none of those got you closer to a deal. What if we told you there is another way?

Be prepared

Making the most of your time at a networking event takes careful planning. If you don’t want to end up chasing busy people or just awkwardly linger around them until you see an opening, you need a plan.

Who will be there? Who do I want to meet? How do I make sure they will take the time to meet me? What do I have to offer? How do I make a good impression? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before entering a room full of people with the same concerns.

This is where the Deal Room Events‘ Deal Room app comes in and makes things easier for you. You simply have to build a professional profile in advance, connect with people, schedule meetings, register for workshops and follow the agenda.  It’s all about efficiency and quality at your fingertips.

First come, first served

Deal Room for EBAN Helsinki 2019 and Arctic15 is now open, giving you 2 full weeks to fine-tune your profile and make sure you secure meetings with the right people.

Buy your tickets now to secure the best slots ­– because who would want to pitch right after lunch when they are their best in the morning? The slots are filling up fast and everyone’s time is limited during events, so there’s no room for hesitation.


Both Arctic15 and EBAN Helsinki 2019 offer quality networking, but this kind of magic doesn’t just happen on its own: the key to success is to take action. These events are gathering an international crowd of startups, investors, key industry players, media and influencers under one roof and making sure they have a meaningful way to connect. That is why everyone arms themselves with their most important asset for the event: one-on-one meetings in Deal Room. The rest is up to you.

To start using Deal Room at EBAN Helsinki 2019, buy your tickets here.

To start using Deal Room at Arctic15, buy your tickets here.

If you already have tickets, check your inbox for instructions.