NaturalCycles launches a virtual assistant for hormone-free birth control

    The application improving female body awareness continues to concentrate on customer support activities.

    NaturalCycles enables knowing one’s cycle without hormonal controlling

    NaturalCycles, the first scientific birth control app providing support for over 50 000 users in 89 countries, announces launching of a new customer service portal. The new virtual assistant, Tibi, streamlines the user’s experience with the aim to empower women by providing specific information of their fertility.

    “By bringing birth control counselling online, we are aiming to become the go-to portal for knowledge that informs women and men about reproduction and fertility,” says Raoul Scherwitzl, the CEO of NaturalCycles.

    “It’s part of our mission to impact the level of responsibility people show for contraception and their ability to prevent pregnancy naturally,” Scherwitzl continues.

    The goal of Tibi is to offer guidance for NaturalCycles users so they could feel more comfortable with their own cycles – and it also offers an option to discuss with experts real-time. Elina Berglund, the CTO of NaturalCycles, says this development supports their goal of having customers at the heart of the service:

    “The core reason for founding the app was to satisfy women’s unmet needs and through the provision of better, more accessible information we can expand their options, giving them improved choice.”

    Fertility or wellbeing tracker?

    NaturalCycles, launched in August 2014, is characterized to be more than ‘a period and fertility tracker’ since it enables detecting of when users have become pregnant and it helps scanning the health and development of the fetus.

    Berglund says these automated features can help women detecting early signs of miscarriage – As well as educating and empowering them:

    ”The app recently saved a pregnancy by notifying a women to seek medical advice after detecting insufficient progesterone levels that weren’t enough to support pregnancy in her first trimester.”

    To get to know more about the technology behind the app, check out our previous article on the service founded by Berglund and Scherwitzl – who are actually a married couple with PhD’s in physics.