Garage48 e-Residency hackathon aims on creating new innovations for the Estonian open ID-platform

    On the 11th-13th of September, hackers will gather in the Estonian island of Vormsi with a goal to create new innovations for the country’s unique e-Residency concept. The focus of the 48-hour event is on building apps and services which will benefit both e-Residents and service providers using the open ID-platform.

    The hackathon is organised in co-operation with the international hackathon organisation foundation Garage48, Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Information System Authority.

    “We are teaming up with Garage48 to give Estonian developers the opportunity to conquer the world, to be the first ones to develop services on the digital identity platform. E-Residency will become the world’s standard for digital identity and the Garage48 e-Residency could become the stepping stone for the world conquering plans of the developers,” says Kaspar Korjus, the Director of the e-Residency Program.

    The event wants to attract web and mobile developers, designers, project leaders, marketing experts and visionaries in the field to come and spend a weekend in the Estonian nature to create working prototypes with expert mentors both from Estonia and abroad.

    “The e-Residency platform could in many aspects be compared to the Apple App Store”

    Estonian e-Residency is available to anyone around the world interested in establishing and managing a location-independent business online. Through the platform, the e-Residents can for instance register a company online, perform e-banking transactions, access international payment service providers, declare taxes online, manage a company remotely, and digitally sign documents and contracts.

    The Garage48 co-founder and technical mentor Priit Salumaa is thrilled of the digital identity concept which enables also supporting entrepreneurship by the Estonian governmental bodies.

    “We in Garage48 have organised hackathons in 4 continents, but have not seen such digital possibilities to run enterprises as in Estonia. The e-Residency platform enables citizens of other countries and current partners to create businesses using Estonian e-Residency and be part of the truly innovative system,” says Salumaa.

    From governmental perspective, the goal for the e-Residency hackathon is to communicate that the platform is open for all developers and service providers.

    “The e-Residency platform could in many aspects be compared to the Apple App Store, as it allows to create many needed services to e-Residents. It is very important that the new customer base is recognised by the developers and service providers, who may already offer their services to e-Residents,“ describes Taavi Kotka, the Government CIO from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia.

    If you got interested in participating on developing services for e-Residency, you may register for the free event through Garage48 website.