Muuvit Inspires Kids To Get Active

    Founded in March 2011, Muuvit Health and Learning Oy Ltd. is a start-up promoting international education and health, that has already seen traction in Finland, Germany, and Switzerland. Muuvit Adventure, the service platform of Muuvit, is a tool used by teachers, authorities, sports clubs and companies to inspire children to get physically active and enjoy learning. The company is base in Helsinki and has partnered its service with HeiaHeia.

    Part of Muuvit is decidedly low-tech to make it easier to put together a lesson. By post, Muuvit sends you the teachers’ guide, an adventure map, sports cards for pupils, information cards, and a login for the online adventure as part of their Adventure Kit. Pupils collect points through daily physical activity in class, during the breaks and in the free time.

    The points are credited to the class total points list and converted to kilometers. Then a teacher or parent would insert the kilometers in the online learning platform so the students can follow the adventure as they work to move from city to city across Europe, which they can learn more about as they reach each destination.

    The common goal elements, and a sense of progess make Muuvit a more interesting way to get kids active than a P.E. teacher’s whistle. And now they’re also aligning with another major motivating force in Europe– football. Muuvit Adventure will soon be applied within the framework of the UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine to deliver health education messages of the “RESPECT your Health – Euroschools 2012” programme to school children, teachers and parents, as well as the general public.

    On this, Juha Villanen from Muuvit Health & Learning says, “We are honoured to have been selected to be part of the RESPECT your Health programme at the UEFA EURO 2012. The social power of football combined with educational and health goals is a very exiting mix and will allow us to make a sustainable impact on healthier lifestyles and the joy of learning. This also means that the Muuvit Community now can welcome new friends from Poland and Ukraine to join Finnish, German and Swiss kids in the adventure.”