Send High Quality Unlimited Multimedia Messages For Free With Jongla

We talked about Jongla a couple of years back. The Finnish startup promised to leverage the personal capabilities of the mobile devices and become personal marketing tool. The startup offers smartphone users the ability to send unlimited text messages, videos, images etc across the globe for free. Sounds quite a useful tool for bulk marketing.

The core issues or problem addressed is with the limitations that we have when it comes to the size of the multimedia files we share via SMS or MMS and the quality that we do share is awful by all mean (could be my personal opinion). With Jongla, users are freed of this size and quality limitations with the traditional methods. With Jongla you can share all these files directly to their friends. So this means another application, another setup file, a whole new registration or account association. Well not exactly.

Jongla doesn’t require your friends to download an application or register except for a broadband connection. With that available you can readily share. In a nutshell, Jongla lets you:

  • Send multiple high quality multimedia files
  • View messages no matter what device you use
  • View messages without needing to install any software
  • You aren’t charged as long as your device is connected to the Internet.

The startup ensures it targets every user and is mot platform limited. Meaning you can Apple, the Android, a Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian devices or even Facebook if you prefer the social network over mobile devices.

So how exactly does Jongla make money if everything is all free? It does so by placing a small ad that is visible to recipients prior they open the received messages. The ads can be rated by liking or disliking the same, just so that you are offered more relevant ads in the future. Many of us might find this irritating, but to be honest the guys need to keep the service running and if putting small ads helps them continue the service, I don’t mind that.

I guess there is always a need for services that help simplify our lives. Plus it is of great value for advertisers as well as they get to leverage the most widely used and readily available platform for advertisement; the mobile devices. While the Internet continues to expand via computers, etc the mobile is one of those devices that has a far higher penetration and with careers providing data plans at rates that eventually become more affordable.

You can visit Jongla and download the right version for your device.