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MoSync Allows Your HTML5 Mobile Application To Talk To C++

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MoSync is a startup out of Sweden that just released a new version of its mobile, cross-platform application development framework. MoSync 2.7 allows HTML5 and C++ to be used, and call each other, within the same application. With this they say it is possible to blend HTML5 and C++ seamlessly; the split between the two layers of code can be chosen freely by the developer. The company calls this “Wormhole Technology” to describe how the two worlds can connect.

The total package of their mobile application development framework allows developers to build native smartphone apps using standard web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and stylesheets. The apps developed work across several mobile platforms such as iPhone/iPad and Android. On top of that, MoSync allows developers to extend the apps with native device features, which is not possible with plain HTML5.

It is also possible to develop apps mixing HTML5 and C++, thereby getting the best from both worlds. “The power of MoSync is that you can develop you apps with HMTL5 and yet extend the apps beyond the limitations that web technologies have today. If it can be done in a native application, it can be done in MoSync as well, says Alex Jonsson, CTO of MoSync AB.

While there are plenty of other mobile application development platforms out there on the market, MoSync is unique in that it is fully cross platform for the supported platforms. Calls to native device features, the Wormhole Technology communication, and the various UI components, normally written for one platform at a time, are all fully cross platform – only one single code base is needed for the apps to work on their supported Android and iOS platforms.

Mosync distributes its code under the GPL 2 liscense, meaning it’s free to use for other open source applications, and they have a pricing plan for closed commercial use on their website.

“With the new MoSync 2.7 release, web developers can now easily get started with native mobile app development without the need to learn new programming languages. This opens up very powerful opportunities for companies aiming to mobilize their processes and build new channels for interaction with their customers.” says Dusyant Patel, CEO of MoSync AB.

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