Monta has completed multimillion funding round


Danish charging platform Monta has completed its Series A funding round costs 15 million euros. The Copenhagen-based startup aims to use its earnings to expand into new markets and to double the number of people serving on behalf of the institution.


Monta’s core offering is a software platform designed to make it easier both to charge for end-users and to provide charging stations for businesses. Last October, the institution announced its launch in Germany. At that time, the company also expressed its desire to simplify and improve the charging and management of charging stations in Germany.

The Goal of Monta

The main goal of the company is user-friendliness and sharing the work between machines and workers. For end buyers, the Monta app (iOS, Android or as a web app) will display charging stations, visualizing their own CO2 emissions or use of renewable energies. The graphically simple display aims to reduce range anxiety reduces to zero.

monta investmentEnd customers will also be able to make their charging stations available to other users with full transparency, with the company’s service. Via the application, providers can also set the price table for certain user groups: for example, active employees can use the charging points for free, while different users can benefit from the service for a certain amount. Billing is also done centrally in the company’s app. The Danes support credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, various recharge cards and their own Monta Wallet as payment options – also users can load a certain amount into their account and use it to benefit from the service.

Monta was founded in 2020. The app has more than 10,000 active users in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.