Web3-based Finnish platform Kleoverse has raised 1.06 million Euros


Web3-based platform Kleoverse has raised 1.06 million Euros million to revolutionize the way talent is measured, flagged and discovered on the web.

This Finnish startup Kleoverse has developed a new idea to help people with knowledge and skills find jobs in DAOs on the Web3 and through NFTs to combat today’s inefficient and time-wasting old ways of traditional job searching.

Web3 startup Kleoverse has raised 1.06 million Euros in funds led by Equilibrium, a leading global blockchain agency, with angel investors like Founders, Sfermion, and crypto entrepreneur Ville Vesterinen. The money raised will be used to fund further R&D on the platform, scale user data, and identify the global community of Web3 creators and developers.

Kleoverse helps individuals working independently of an institution to create a professional identity, in other words, a CV on Web3. Using Blockchain, Kleoverse deploys NFTs to visualize Web3 Proof of Talent based on projects a person has completed with independent organizations (DAOs). The platform aims to contribute to the change of old employment methods, which may be insufficient to reflect the experience and skills of the individual in a true and accurate manner.

These DAOs offer a wide variety of opportunities for contributors. They don’t have offices, mandated hours, shifts, corporate policies, or gatekeepers to apply for jobs. Individuals can serve on terms favourable to them by contributing to as many organizations as they want, collecting management tokens and NFTs in return for their work.

Aleksi Loytynoja

“We believe current avenues for talent signalling are inadequate and outdated for our increasingly digital platform. There are three major problems with the current status quo of the job search market: 1) Status measures the past, not the future, 2) Status signals are indirect and therefore unreliable, 3) Employees are not treated fairly.” says Aleksi Löytynoja, co-founder of Kleoverse.

Keeping up to date with the latest projects isn’t as easy as it used to be, as the number of DAOs is growing so fast. The Kleoverse platform is the single source of all DAOs and open Web3 projects on the web. Kleoverse Discovery solves the first challenge facing all candidates in the Web3 space today – how to discover the latest projects and start working in a rapidly evolving DAO space.

“We aimed to change that by creating new tools to showcase Proof of Talent (PoT) based on the work you complete on the Web by sharing ways one by one on how to join any DAO you want,” Löytynoja continued.

Cryptocurrencies are estimated to have more than 100 million existing users worldwide, and more than 1.3 million people own Web3 local decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) management tokens. DAOs often run rewards or similar simple tasks to bring new people into their communities. Those who want to study in more detail can take on more advanced tasks, join a workgroup on a gradual basis, or make the main contribution. If they wish, employees can apply for a grant to build a project or an individual product that supports the ecosystem.

Martin Krag Andersen“As investors, we’ve witnessed how the entire Web3 ecosystem, especially DAOs, has grown extraordinarily fast over the past year. We believe Kleoverse is perfectly positioned to help millions of new builders jump to Web3 and find meaningful opportunities in local internet organizations. We believe the new platform helps everyone demonstrate their talents more objectively, and we are proud to partner with Kleoverse to contribute to this future,” said Martin Krag, Manager of byFounders.


Joni Karras“Kleoverse makes a huge difference in how people evaluate and discover talent in the online-local world. Web3 and DAOs serve as the perfect environment for this. “Permissionless projects and professional portfolios based on actions recorded on the blockchain are the first steps towards a more equitable, transparent and distant world,” says Joni Karras, Co-Founder of Kleoverse.



The company has over 100 DAOs on its platform and several dozen projects already standing on the shelf at the time of its release, with over 1,000 users signed up for its platform.