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Missing-Link Oy transforms the urban environment with real-time spectrum monitoring systems

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Missing-Link Oy is a deep tech startup based in Tampere, Finland, and was founded in 2015 to address a specific research-based finding related to IoT monitoring in urban environments. The company specializes in providing real-time spectrum monitoring systems for on-premises situational awareness solutions. With a dedicated team of five key members, each with a unique set of skills and expertise, the company aims to develop innovative solutions that can transform the industry and help address challenges facing urban environments.

The team at Missing-Link Oy includes CEO Vihtori Lehtonen, who oversees the business and hardware development aspects of the company, and CTO Jyri Loukola, who manages the technical aspects such as network, software, and hardware development. Mirka Kannisto is the CFO, responsible for financial management and compliance, while Anttoni Riikonen is the Front-End Lead, responsible for designing and developing user-friendly web and mobile applications. Teemu Lambacka is the Back-End Lead, responsible for managing the startup’s technical infrastructure, including embedded systems, databases, and cloud services. 

The founders saw an opportunity to create a solution that could address a significant challenge or problem facing cities’ traffic information and other related issues. As the company evolved and developed its IoT monitoring system, it became clear that there was significant market potential for this type of technology in urban environments. Cities around the world are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to address the challenges they face, and IoT monitoring systems could provide valuable insights and data to inform decision-making and improve efficiency.

Missing-Link, Urban Tech Helsinki

Making Sustainability a Priority

Missing-Link is a company committed to making the world a more sustainable place through sustainable processes. To this end, they have implemented measures to reduce their energy consumption, minimize waste, and use environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. They also recognize the importance of collaborating with other stakeholders to address sustainability challenges at a broader level. This includes working with suppliers and partners who share their commitment to sustainability and supporting initiatives that promote sustainability in their industry and communities.

Although they are a startup and have limited visibility into their supply chain and its sustainability practices, they understand that measuring their impact is essential to understanding their progress towards their sustainability goals and identifying areas where they can improve. Therefore, they are taking proactive steps to ensure that sustainability is a key consideration in all of their operations.

One of the ways that Missing-Link is contributing to sustainability is through their products and services. Their real-time data on space occupancy in public places helps to pinpoint areas that require cleaning and supports efficient and sustainable cleaning practices. Implementing this technology in urban areas can contribute to cleanliness and sustainability, which aligns with Missing-Link’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices.

Missing-Link’s dedication to sustainability is an ongoing effort. While they do not yet have formal processes in place to measure their impact on sustainability, they remain committed to making sustainability a priority in all aspects of their business. Through their efforts, they are contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

Missing-Link, Urban Tech Helsinki

Urban Tech Helsinki provides Missing-Link with access to a wealth of resources

Missing-Link is committed to building a better future through sustainable development and collaboration. They believe that by working together with like-minded partners, investors, and talent, they can make a significant impact on the urban tech ecosystem and contribute to the development of more livable, sustainable cities.

The company aims to contribute to a clean and sustainable Helsinki by providing real-time data on space occupancy in public places. This data helps identify areas that require cleaning, thereby improving the overall cleanliness of the city. The company’s products and services can have a positive impact on the sustainability and cleanliness of Helsinki by supporting efficient and sustainable cleaning practices.

Regarding collaboration with the City of Helsinki, Missing-Link Oy is interested in exploring open opportunities for their technology with the city. The company has had an incredibly positive experience in the Urban Tech Helsinki program, which has provided them with access to valuable resources such as mentorship, networking opportunities, and funding. Through their interactions with stakeholders in the public sector, Missing-Link Oy has gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with bringing their products and services to market.

As the business continues to grow and scale, Missing-Link Oy is actively seeking partners, investors, and talented individuals who share their vision of promoting sustainable development in the urban tech ecosystem. This includes forming strategic partnerships with companies and organizations that can assist in expanding their customer base, enhancing their product and service offerings, and driving innovation in the urban tech space.

They are also interested in impact investors who can provide strategic guidance and support as the business scales operations. In addition, they are seeking experienced talent in areas such as software development, hardware design, business development, and marketing, who are passionate about wireless technology and can help advance the mission. They recognize the importance of collaboration with the public sector in promoting sustainable development in cities and are seeking partners with experience working with public sector clients who can help navigate unique challenges and opportunities in this space.

To learn more about Missing-Link Oy, you can visit their website here.

This article was created in collaboration with Urban Tech Helsinki project.

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