Memoto Camera Logs Your Life Two Times A Minute

    One of the most interesting products I saw at Slush was the Memoto camera, a 36x36x9 mm wearable device that takes two geotagged pictures a minute, capturing your life as you move about all day. People have called the Memoto Lifelogging camera anywhere between “Awesome” and a “CIA Conspiracy,” but there seems to be way more people that are interested in getting the device.

    The Swedish company has thrown their pitch up on Kickstarter, and have raised over $525,000, more than 10 times their original goal. We’re a little late to the game here – the product has gotten a lot of international press – but with 51 hours left on their Kickstarter campaign there’s still chance to support their cause.

    But what do you do when you’re producing 4GB of data a day (equalling 1.5 terabytes per year)? Memoto has a solution for that problem. Once your photos are uploaded to their cloud for a flat monthly fee, Memoto looks at each picture and separates it by location, lighting, and so on, to break apart and bring together pictures from the same location (but not necessarily the same time) to make content more consumable. In addition to that, the GPS receiver has some idea of where you are, so if you get lunch at a different spot than normal, of if it sees you’re in a different city, it will place greater weight on those pictures.

    I talked to co-founder and Marketing Manager Oskar Kalmaru at Slush, who told me people have reacted to it by finding it either really valuable or pointless. But users have suprised him with how they plan to use the device. Cat owners finally can get some insight into what Mr. Whiskers is doing all day. Parents have ideas of lifeblogging their children from a young age. People have taken the product’s concept and have pictured unique ways to use it.

    “Of course, you always dream that your product will have an impact like this, but we were blown away that we received so much support from the community in such a short time frame,” said Martin Källström, CEO of Memoto in a recent blog post. “This device represents a turning point in how we remember and share special moments in our lives. It’s great that so many share our vision.”

    Estimated availability for the Memoto camera is early 2013. See their pitch on Kickstarter.

    Memoto Pre-order Product Video from Memoto on Vimeo.