Meeting Assistant launches Android App

    Punos Mobile, the creator of the meeting app Meeting Assistant, has now launched an Android app to take their in-meeting app into meeting rooms and board rooms where the iPad isn’t the only player in town. Many of the Nordic countries’ Apple fanboy entrepreneurs (I’m talking about myself here) may have only seen iPads in meeting rooms, but there’s a bigger demand for productivity tools on Android tablets than one might intuitively think.

    “It’s what we learned from the U.S.. Some companies love Android tablets because its more adjustable for company needs – on iOS it’s harder for companies to install new apps, on Android [a company] can just install whatever app you want. But we want to offer both Android and iOS because we think tablets will rule the meetings in the future – the laptop is pretty big to bring into meetings,” says Ville Mettälä, Sales Director at Punos Mobile.

    Looking back at their iOS app, they say they’re currently the number one meeting app designed to be used in actual meetings. Meeting Assistant’s features allow you to plan and schedule meetings and do your background research on attendees through LinkedIn and Dun & Bradstreet information. Once you’re in the meeting, the app helps you sort out and check off a meeting agenda, and to take notes during the meeting. After the meeting is over, you’re treated to a concise report of your notes and the minutes, and you’re given a to-do action plan of the notes you’ve taken.

    Their Android app took some time to get out because they had to rebuild the core of the HTML5-based app to make it much faster, and to make their app work with the wide variety of screen size in Android tablets. But they’ve still been able to plug into companies through their second iPad application that plugs into Salesforce to pull data from a company’s own CRM.

    Until now the app has been self-funded with the help of Tekes, but currently they’re in KKS, the Tekes funding period said to be before the Young Innovative Companies program. During this period the company will be looking outside funding.

    The app can be downloaded on iOS for $9.99 or on Google Play for €3.69