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MeeDoc raises €3,5M for 'Redefining the Telemedicine Market'

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In good news for Finnish health scene the Finnish telemedicine startup MeeDoc announces today it’s raised a €3.5 million investment from XLHEALTH, a digital health VC. As MeeDoc aims to change the way we visit a doctor, the investment enables them to launch their service across Europe.

“The combination of our expert-level team, world class platform together with XLHEALTH’s unique expertise, deep knowledge base and strategic partnerships will help us meet the demand from multiple new markets even faster,” says Mikko Kiiskilä, the CEO and Co-Founder of MeeDoc.

MeeDoc allows you to connect with a doctor via chat or video call, which cuts down costs compared to visiting a normal doctor. According to MeeDoc, with the possibility of conducting 75% of all primary care, they’ll have a considerable impact on curbing healthcare payer’s costs.

“We are bringing access to better care for patients, breakthrough tools and new economic opportunities for doctors, enabling considerable savings for healthcare payers,” Kiiskilä continues.

By using the platform, consultation times could be reduced up to 70%. The affordable service is also emphasized to be user friendly – MeeDoc’s surveys have shown a patient doctor satisfaction index of more than 93%.

“Telemedicine is dominated by governance, data security and trust issues. We evaluated countless startups in this space; MeeDoc uniquely solves these healthcare regulatory compliance challenges while providing a truly great user experience,” the CEO and Founder of XLHEALTH, Ulli Jendrik Koop states.

MeeDoc and XLHEALTH are now working together towards improving the health of every human in a sustainable manner – and they want to redefine the worldwide telemedicine market.

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