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Lower costs for your next startup event? There's a way!

You’re looking at your budget and weighing what you can and cannot afford at this year’s Slush? Good news for all our readers: There is some relief available!

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A recent initiative by new gTLD registry, Radix, the Startup League is offering at least 30% sponsorship for a Startup’s exhibitor fee at Slush and, it will also pick up the bill for branded marketing merchandise like T-shirts and booth goodies, certain conditions applied.


Sounds too good, right? There must be a catch, you think. They want equity? No, no, no.

There is, of course, a catch, there always is – the underlying reason is the usage of new domain extensions like .TECH .SPACE .ONLINE .STORE .SITE .PRESS .HOST and .WEBSITE, which are owned and operated by Startup League sponsor Radix.

With the shortage of .COM domains, ICANN opened up a wide number of additional extensions a few years ago – for example, we have used for awhile cofounder.ONLINE and cofounder.TECH for our CoFounder Magazine. Yes, we have so far not built something separate there, but have at least redirected the most obvious domains.

The idea of the Startup League is quite unique, trying to help the startups by creating something which is fully for them and gives a sense of community. A simple idea, it originates in the fact that the people at Radix are really passionate about startups and also function pretty much as a startup of their own – not being too big or too old themselves.

Apart from reimbursing at least 30% of your Slush exhibitor fees, the Startup League will also support you in the form of branded collateral – T-shirts and cool booth goodies like stickers, badges etc. As manufacturing these things adds up to being quite a bit of work for an early stage startup, the League acts as a support and creates these for you to ease your stress! Apart from this, they will also promote startups across PR channels such as this one, to ensure great products get additional visibility.

There’s more (yes!) – 3 early-bird startups signing up to the League receive 50% sponsorship on their Slush exhibitor fees.

Slush 2015. Photo Jussi Hellsten/Slush Media

To join the Startup League all you need to do is visit their website and fill in the short form. Don’t have a domain name on one of their extensions? No worries, you can register one here or get in touch with the team at leaguesupport@radix.email for a special offer on these domains if you join the Startup League.

There are other benefits such as increased sponsorship if you join the Startup League for SLUSH and have another startup enrolled into the League as well, and other marketing and promotional benefits. Sponsorship is applicable only to those startups selected to exhibit at events such as Slush, Disrupt, and other events.

The Startup League was launched in August 2016 and some 30 startups have joined so far. Apart from Slush, other events the league is supporting to attend this fall are Web Summit, Lisbon – where they are currently sponsoring 16 startups, and TechCrunch Disrupt, London, CES and SXSW, but the list is wide open – if there is an event your startup needs to attend, ask whether the league could support it, it’s very much possible that you could secure another sponsorship!

Heard enough? Join the Startup League now and get at least 30% sponsorship on your Slush startup ticket!

Please note: The benefits will be provided by Radix and do not involve the organizers of Slush or any other conferences.

This is a sponsored post for Startup League.

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