Racing game for 2-year old tops 10 mln downloads

Back in 2013 Jonas Abromaitis, the founder of Lithuanian gaming firm Tiny Lab Productions, was visiting relatives and a 2-year old nephew when he came across the problem – racing games of the time were not good for the nephew.

“There were tonnes of racing games for teens and grown-ups, with complicated game control, inappropriate ads and game content and no racing games suitable for toddlers,” Abromaitis said.

Kid waching Fun Kid Racing game

“It was a challenge to create a fun racing game that won’t have these harmful things and at the same time will give the best gaming experience for 1-3 years old kids. So I and my colleague sacrificed two evenings to create this Fun Kid Racing game. It was an experiment and we didn’t expect to get such a big popularity. But we were wrong,” he said.

As soon as this game appeared on Google Play Store it started to gain downloads fast and now has hit 10 million downloads, with 1.5 million monthly active users.

To celebrate the 10 million mark Tiny Labs is offering a free play of all game packs, earning extra coins and cars. And the 3-year-old game is finally also due to be launched on iOS.

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