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The next moonshot? Look no further: TOP30 startups revealed

Today, when pitching competitions pop up at every block and everything is about overnight success stories, it is very easy to confuse startups hype with merit, a cool pitch with a great product.

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But not here.

Here, #ActionMatters!

At the Arctic15 Funding Program, carefully selected teams are already working together with our partners at FiBAN and the Nordic Angel Program to make sure quality deals will be realized on the spot.

The shortlisted companies vary from AI to Health, through Fintech, Edtech and more, forecasting the trends of tomorrow. Just like in previous years, Arctic15 Funding Program aims to bring you the most exciting startups in the Nordics and Baltics with the potential to become the next moonshot.

Meet the teams and help them get funded!

All finalists will have the opportunity to secure funding and present on stage at Arctic15 ­– and now you can get one of the teams there. You have the power to act as one of the judges and your action does matter. Let’s beat your regular pitching competitions with real deals!

Tracy AI, Finland – Tracy AI is an artificial intelligence powered sales sparring tool for B2B salespeople

Hipfire Games, Finland – Hipfire connects VR headsets and Mobile devices in real-time, allowing users to play & interact easily over network.

Duuers, Finland – Duuers is online software that helps small businesses create proposals in 60 seconds, and empowers them to work smarter.

NordCheck oy, Finland – Nordcheck holistic compliance platform helps customers to meet regulations and stay compliant.

Albert Welding OY, Finland – Albert Welding OY develops the most lightweight, portable and innovative welding and cutting machines for everyday use.

Katana Technologies, Finland – Katana provides subscription-based internet of things solutions for farming and agriculture

Simlab IT Oy, Finland – The Simlab IT ultimately the WordPress for XR in education. Their platform helps emergency training companies give more realistic training environments using AR/VR.

Hookle Inc, Finland – Hookle is developing a mobile app to make social media management and online advertising easy for small businesses.

Useless, Finland – Useless Company is developing an app for an easy and transparent way to save and invest with clear climate focus.

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems, Denmark – ATLANT is developing a multi-materials 3D nanoprinter for rapid microchip prototyping.

Witview, Finland – Witview is AI-powered plugin telling online shoppers “what the internet thinks” through aggregated product review data.

Otometri Oy, Finland – Otometri Oy is soon completing development of smartphone solution for home detection and monitoring of ear infections.

Mapple, Finland – Mapple turns location data into actionable insights helping cities and companies make smarter strategic decisions.

Everfill, Finland – Everfill® is an innovative patented product that revolutionizes the care of wounds and scars as well as skin wrinkles

Pilot Angel, Lithuania – Award-winning & patented, PilotAngel prevents accidents by detecting fatigue & intoxication in real-time.

Videolevels, Estonia – Self-service platform to stream and sell your events online

Golisto, Denmark – Golisto is building a digital platform to help collectors keep track of all their favorite things.

LokiTime Key Issuance Software, Finland – LokiTime is a cloud service for issuing and managing keys – customers stay in control of their keys in real time.

FabricAI, Finland – FabricAI is automating accounting processes with the help of artificial intelligence.

Kipwise, United States – startup Kipwise is a knowledge management platform that helps customer support teams build up knowledge base easily.

Talbit, Finland – Talbit is a cloud-based service designed to capture and visualize employee development plans and goals.

Loogup AB, Sweden – AI-powered real estate platform that helps homebuyers make smarter decisions and connect to the right lender

SportaPost, Finland – The startup helps sports clubs to Post like a Pro with our free app that with anyone can create professional content fast & easy.

Windester Oy, Finland – Windester is developing green portable energy solutions to help people and devices stay connected.

DDefender by Bouncepoint, Finland – Bouncepoint is developing developing software to protect your network from DDOS attacks with patented tech.

No No No, Finland – Transparent complaint resolution platform that increases conversions and sales.

PriceTap, Finland – Shoppers scan item barcodes (e.g. a dress) with their smartphones for hidden or future discounts + create a wish list.

Huoleti, Finland – Completing medical care by crowdsourcing care and support.

movesole oy, Finland – Movesole has developed smart insole which enables measuring how patients are walking.

Immersal Ltd. , Finland – Immersal AR Cloud SDK is a tool for programmers: 3D-scanning & visual positioning solution, enabling AR in any app.

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