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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lokus Digital Releases Nuke Commander

A couple days before Christmas, recent Startup Sauna graduate Lokus Digital released their first game, Nuke Commander, in the Android app store. In the game, you play as an AI supercomputer that is intent on destroying the earth, like sort of a Skynet style plot. The visual style of the game gives immediate flashbacks to the cold war from the 1980’s style state-of-the-art green wireframe graphics that chart launched nuclear missiles. The game should also soon be available in the Apple App store.

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In the game, the whole US arsenal of nuclear weapons is at the player’s disposal. Nuke Commander features historical leaders in the late cold war era, and a player must use a tight diplomatic and military strategy to keep as many missile silos open as long as possible while simultaneously destroying the world.

To Lokus Digital, this game tells the first story of a much larger game they have in mind. Their future project, Endgame, will be a global war game with augmented reality fighting along digital front lines.

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