Lithuanian startup launches stress ball-like hand tremor curing gadget

Kaunas-based Vilimed has certified its hand tremor reducing medical device Vilim ball after five years of product prototyping and testing, saying the ball reduces hand tremor with artificial intelligence-controlled mechanical vibrations.

“The certificate means that the therapeutic device is safe and effective for patients with essential tremor and meets all applicable standards as a medical device. It is important for distribution not only geographically, but also because the device will now be available for purchase and use by medical clinics, and this opens up opportunities among the distributors of medical devices. It allows us to enter new markets of the EU, the Middle East and the Balkans,” Mantas Venslauskas said in a statement.

Lithuanians hope to produce the first batches of up to 1,000 units themselves, later they will look forward to cooperate with Lithuanian companies.

The device mimics a tennis ball and has attracted the interest of the neurological community, both in university hospitals in major Lithuanian cities and in clinics in the USA, Kazakhstan and Russia, which have tested the device.

After using a therapeutic ball, a person suffering from essential tremor can take care of themselves, perform daily chore and eat much more easily.

The startup hopes to attract venture capital investments for development in the European market, as it sees extremely wide potential for the product’s adaptability. For example, in the future, it is hoped to adapt the therapeutic device to patients with Parkinson disease.