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Two Swedish companies join forces to create alternatives for sustainable food seekers

Late-stage agritech Lantmännen Cerealia partners up with foodtech startup Mycorena. Two Swedish companies join forces to come up with new sustainable food products. The demand for sustainable food has increased during the past few years and now this partnership is targeting to offer alternative food sources and ingredients with also good taste and texture. They are also hoping for much more visibility and impact in the industry considering that their network is now combined.

Lantmännen Cerealia in new partnership with Mycorena

Lantmännen Cerealia partners up with Foodtech company Mycorena, with the shared ambition to innovate food products, based on mycoprotein, for the Nordic market.

Lantmännen Cerealia and Mycorena – a Swedish Foodtech company developing fungi-based protein – initiate a partnership to develop a portfolio of food products based on sustainably produced mycoprotein. After having jointly developed a few very strong prototypes, the two companies are now taking the next step in this strategic innovation collaboration, aiming at finding new product offerings to consumers in the Nordics.

Lantmännen Cerealia, Mycorena, Max Lagerstadt“We are fully committed to accelerate growth in the ‘future food’- arena. The partnership with Mycorena is a great example on how we can complement our internal business development and innovation with external partnerships, and hence leverage our combined capabilities,” says Max Lagerstedt, Head of Growth Businesses at Lantmännen Cerealia.

The move towards alternative protein sources and ingredients is a trend that is expected to continue. Consumers want the choice of sustainable food products, and demand an increased an increased variety of protein sources. In recent years in the Nordics, the alternatives to soy as a plant-based protein source has increased, and focus has turned to Swedish-grown raw materials.

“The market for alternative proteins is growing fast and we are constantly looking to develop sustainably produced products in this area.

Lantmännen Cerealia, Mycorena, Maja PåhlmanTogether with Mycorena, we see the opportunity to develop good food with great taste and texture through a sustainable, low waste production process. Mycorena is a perfect partner to us – their expertise, commitment and entrepreneurship will ensure a joint focus on developing the food of the future,” says Maja Påhlman, Head of Innovation & Insights at Lantmännen Cerealia.

In the food industry, there are challenges in finding suitable usage of byproducts and side streams. Myco-based protein production has the potential to result in a protein rich product without any major byproducts, side streams or waste.

Lantmännen Cerealia, Mycorena, Ramkumar Nair“For Mycorena, transforming the way we produce and consume dietary protein forms our DNA. Now teaming up with Lantmännen Cerealia is an incredibly exciting step for us. Lantmännen represents everything we look for in potential partners; their value chain from field to fork, knowledge, network and brand recognition will be of immense value for Mycorena.

By merging our innovativeness with their decades-long experience from advanced food industry, will undoubtedly push our mutual journey into high gear, for the benefit of Nordic consumers,” says Ramkumar Nair, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Mycorena.

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