Klingit is growing at a 20 million record pace!

Klingit is growing at a record pace – raises 20 million SEK (1.92 million Euros) from WiT and King’s founders

This spring, Klingit was launched, the platform that makes it easy for companies to produce design services with the help of creative technology. The company is now receiving an additional 20 million SEK (1.92 million Euros) from WiT, among others, in a new round.

Klingit CEO and co-founder Rikard Hegelund say their vision is to make the world’s companies look better. “To accelerate our growth, we are raising additional capital to expand the service and grow in more markets.”

The 20 million SEK  investment is intended to be sufficient to expand the company’s technology and launch the company in more markets in Europe.

Rikard-hegelund Klingit

– Rikard Hegelund says we need to invest more in our technology platform and expand our expertise in various fields with talented leaders and better processes. After that, it is thought that we will start to expand our offer abroad. We aim to be one or two more markets by the end of 2022.


Klingit has grown faster than planned

Since its inception, Klingit has grown faster than planned and now employs over 40 top creators in 18 countries. In a short time, the company has attracted more than 100 companies who are constantly ordering design and marketing services through the platform. Clients include Memmo, Residence Christies and Grant Thornton.

– It’s a great way to work, says Teddy Wold, co-founder and chief creative officer of Klingit. Driven by a passion for creativity and creative processes, meeting and collaborating with people from all over the world is not only a great business idea but also great fun.


Klingit was founded in 2020 and this spring, WiT has raised 8 million SEK from Livingstone Partners and King’s founders Sunit Mehrotra and Frank Hollingworth. Cooperation with all parties is now being further deepened.

– We are super happy with Klingit’s journey so far and look forward to following the company as it now takes the next step and will scale up the business, says Elias Jacobson, investment manager and partner at WiT.


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