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Impact tech startups join forces to build a Nordic market leader in circular packaging solutions

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Helsinki-based startup Kamupak and Stockholm-based impact tech startup &Repeat are joining forces to establish a leading Nordic market presence in circular packaging solutions. This merger aims to leverage their strengths and technology to assist the restaurant industry in meeting upcoming EU regulations, particularly in Sweden, where a 2024 mandate will require reusable packaging. &Repeat’s track record includes helping restaurants reduce waste through innovative solutions, while Kamupak specializes in reusable packaging with a digital deposit system. The new company plans to enhance user experiences using AI and advanced RFID technology, positioning itself as a key player in the evolving packaging landscape.

Kamupak is a Finnish startup that develops a digital deposit and borrow system for reusable goods, aiming to reduce single-use packaging waste by providing a circular economy solution for takeout dining and other outlets. &Repeat is a Swedish tech startup focused on circular solutions for sustainability challenges in the restaurant industry, aiming to address issues related to waste volume, low resource utilization, and carbon emissions by pioneering technology-driven changes and encouraging collective responsibility. The new merged company will have more than 500 customers in Sweden and Finland including large brands such as Pressbyrån, Espressohouse, Wolt and Sodexo.

New product strategy: AI and generation two RFID to improve experience for consumers and takeaway providers After both companies have invested heavily into building a scalable tech platform, the new company will now have a strong focus on leveraging “next generation tech” to remove frictions for guests and simplify for all operators in the value chain.

“We feel that the available solution on the market has a large improvement potential when it comes to providing simplicity and friction-free experience to those who interact with the system. Our new strategy is to leverage AI and advanced RFID to provide a future-proof and friction-free experience for both consumers and takeaway operators” says Ilkka Puikkonen, CEO of Kamupak.

As of January 2024, in Sweden a new regulation will require restaurants to offer consumers the option to have their take-away food served in reusable packaging that can be returned back to the restaurant again for cleaning and reuse. The merger will position the new company as a clear market leader in the Swedish reuse market when the new regulation comes into force January 2024.

”With a new briz of regulation across EU member states ahead, the packaging industry stands on the brink of a transformation and we are just about to embark on this long journey. Merging with Kamupak to create a strong Nordic player will strengthen us in the Swedish market and simultaneously also position us well to become a strong European player” – says CEO and co-founder of &Repeat, Tor Espen Steinvik.

”Those who will win the market are those who have the muscle and endurance to help develop solutions and products that work for the restaurant industry and we are convinced that we can do this better by joining forces. Our ambition is to build a clear Nordic market leader” says Ilkka Puikkonen.

”This will be a demanding restructuring for all industries that work towards the takeaway segment, a completely new value chain with associated infrastructure needs to be established and all parts of the value chain will be affected. In order to get scale it will require that the industry find common solutions both in terms of collection, logistics and washing” says Iida Miettinen, Founder and chair of the board at Kamupak.

The two companies will integrate its operation and assets and continue it’s business in both Sweden and Finland under existing brands. The CEO for the new company will be Ilkka Puikkonen, today the CEO of Kamupak. Tor Espen Steinvik, CEO and co-founder of &Repeat will continue in the company for a transitional period and then take on an advisory role in the new company. The details about the deal remain undisclosed according to an agreement between the parties.

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