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Danish startup Jabbr secures €685K seed funding for advanced AI system in combat sports

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Copenhagen-based startup Jabbr has successfully raised €685K in a seed funding round, with key investors including PreSeed Ventures and Accelerace, alongside notable contributions from business angels. The startup’s focal point lies in its advanced computer-vision AI system, DeepStrike, engineered for combat sports. DeepStrike has the capacity to analyze athlete performance within fights and sparring sessions, generating a spectrum of analytical statistics, and individualized highlight videos, and facilitating access to professional-grade analytics, content creation, and live fight streaming for the combat sports community. The secured funds will be allocated towards advancing the capabilities of their AI technology, with the core objective of broadening the availability of professional insights and content generation within the combat sports domain.

Founded in 2021, Jabbr is a trailblazing tech startup with an ambitious objective: to democratize video production and advanced performance analytics within the realm of combat sports, seamlessly accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Guided by a clear vision, the company has dedicated two years of intensive research and development to pioneer the world’s inaugural Computer Vision AI engineered explicitly for combat sports — aptly named DeepStrike.

The essence of Jabbr’s mission lies in its steadfast commitment to usher in the future of combat sports. Through the groundbreaking capabilities of DeepStrike, the startup aims to democratize automatic content generation, comprehensive statistical insights, cutting-edge analytics, and professional-level streaming. Intrinsic to this vision is the belief in fostering transparency and fairness within the combat sports domain. Jabbr’s ethos resonates with the conviction that everyone, irrespective of background, deserves the platform to exhibit their potential on a global stage. Backed by a recent seed funding round, Jabbr stands poised to etch a new paradigm, granting fighters and enthusiasts alike unprecedented access to technology-driven insights and experiences.

“AI will define a generation of new tech companies and the winners will be those with original datasets who can translate their accuracy into a product people want to use. Jabbr is well on its way to doing exactly that for martial art. We’re excited to join forces with PSV in the investment of Jabbr because we have a long tradition of investing together, and because that means the founders benefit from two very large pools of experience at the same time.” says David Today Ventzel, Partner and Fund Manager at Accelerace to EU Startups.

“The mission of bringing fairness and equity into the world of combat sports by utilizing state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms really resonated with us and seeing boxers all over the world express excitement for DeepStrike is a clear sign that the combat industry is ready for technology such as Jabbr’s.” says Christian Dalsgaard, Venture Lead from PreSeed Ventures’ Tech01 Fund to EU Startups.

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