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Swedish EV trip planning app is acquired by a US-based automotive company

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Lund-based startup Iternio has been acquired by Rivian Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIVN). The startup is the developer of the popular EV trip planning app ‘A Better Routeplanner’ (ABRP), known for its strong user base in North America and Europe. Rivian plans to maintain ABRP as a standalone app while integrating its technology into Rivian’s navigation system and mobile app, aiming to enhance the EV trip planning experience. The acquisition positions Rivian to lead in innovation and offer improved convenience to EV drivers.

Rivian trip planning, now powered by ABRP, will let drivers plan their next adventure with confidence. Trip planning improvements will not only enhance Rivian’s in-vehicle navigation, but Rivian will also be introducing the ability to create trips in the Rivian mobile app. Rivian owners can plan their route from the comfort of their own home and send their trip directly to the vehicle’s navigation system.

Rivian’s upcoming release also brings users trip preferences possible through ABRP, including preferences for charging networks and range on arrival. Drivers can rest assured knowing that not only will they reach their destination, but they will also have enough charge to explore when they get there.

RJ Scaringe, Founder and CEO of Rivian, says, “A Better Routeplanner leads the way in EV trip planning and is an important platform for driving EV adoption, which is why it’s so important for us to keep the platform open for all. We will also be integrating ABRP’s capabilities into our upcoming trip planning release, giving Rivian drivers the ability to chart out detailed trips that include key aspects of EV ownership, such as when to charge, for how long, and adjusting how many miles of range they’d like when arriving at their destination. Beyond route planning, the data insights on where there is insufficient reliable charging will help us strategically plan where we prioritize building our Rivian Adventure Network.”

Wassym Bensaid, Senior Vice President of Software Development at Rivian, states, “The team at Internio have a real passion for sustainability and the EV community. The quality of the ABRP routing algorithm is second to none, so we’re delighted to welcome them to Rivian. Having a fully integrated navigation experience is an important step in helping to boost driver confidence and convenience for longer routes, and we hope this integration will inspire people to explore new destinations in their EVs. We’re already looking at ways to engage with ABRP’s community and we’re very excited by the roadmap for upcoming features we have planned – not only for Rivian, but also for ABRP.”

Bo Lincoln, CEO and Co-Founder of Iternio, says, “We started Iternio as a way to enable current and future electric vehicle owners to plan their trips without having to worry about charging, and we couldn’t be happier that our software is going to enable Rivian owners to plan their trips like never before. We’re thrilled that ABRP will also continue to be what it is today: An essential tool for all existing and future EV drivers and for all brands and charger networks. We’re very happy to have joined the Rivian team and we’re looking forward to playing our role in this adventure.”

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