Issuu Integrates With Peecho To Give Publishers Easy Access To Printing

    Issuu has integrated a Peecho Cloud Print button into their service, allowing the more than 2 million digital publishers on Issuu to have the opportunity to get their hands on a few copies of their publications. Peecho specializes in the “long tail” of publishing, printing low runs of magazines, glossy paperbacks, and hardcover books. All print jobs through Peecho are printed on demand regardless of the size or number of pages.

    Peecho works with a number of production facilities around the world, and with Issuu it will automatically calculate the lowest price for a printed version, and displays price comparisons. Discounts kick in when more than 10 copies are printed.

    “Most online content is not print ready because there is a bewildering range of digital publishing file formats, and print facilities all require their own specific values for size, spine, cut marks, margins and more,” said Martijn Groot, CEO and co-founder of Peecho. “This is the reason that there are plenty of sites that let you print a magazine or book on demand, but most services only print specific product sizes via a single print facility. A lot of titles are never published in print because the volume isn’t large enough. Peecho aims to be the long tail of print publishing: professional printing for the masses.”

    Due to copyright reasons you can only print your own documents with the Cloud Print button. But some publishers on Issuu have enabled a Download option, which users can use to download the magazine and the perhaps print out on their own copy. Enabling users to print out their own favorite indie magazines would be great for users and some digital magazine publishers, so I imagine Issuu must looking into all the ways they can utilize and monetize the partnership.