BIMobject Gets Manufacturers Products Into Architects' Hands Early

BIMobject may be operating in a small niche, but now they’ve become the intersection between architects and manufacturers at the early concept stage. BIM stands for building information modeling, and is now the standard way for architects to virtually represent their drawings.

Architects are good at putting the walls up and creating functional living spaces but their models would be empty without furniture, fixtures, and all the little things that can wow a client. This is where BIMobject comes in. They’ve created a platform where manufacturers can upload virtual representations of their products, which architects can select to use in their modeling.

Manufacturers see value in getting their products into architects hands as early as possible, so BIMobject monetizes by acting as an advertising platform for them. Aside from the 3D shape, in a BIM object you can also add links back to your product information, your website, contact details and montage instructions. The BIM objects are smart by nature and can contain functions like how they should be operated and how the windows swing and open, for example.

The objects on BIMobject can be downloaded in various formats that the actual manufacturer has decided they want to support. This normally includes popular formats like Autodesk Revit, Artlantis (BIM Render) and ArchiCAD. Other formats that can be available are Sketchup, AutoCAD, IFC, Allplan, Bentley or 3D visuals like JPG’s and iVisit 3D.

BIMobject is based in Sweden and also assists manufacturers in object 3D modeling and the promotion of their objects. Currently the company is breaking new ground — this new type of value proposition has not been familiar to manufacturers for much time. But it’s easy to get quantifiable results from when your product is selected, so in time I imagine the concept may become standard practice.