Is Keeduu Finally First All-In-One Learning App?

    When it comes to introducing the numeric tools into your classrooms, you face many problems which often stop the best intentions from teachers.

    Keeduu is an educational app helping pupils to improve their skills in class

    Passing by the differences in various levels of knowledge in the educational team, the time required to install apps on 20 tablets, actually preparing the lessons and finding a way to link them with numeric parts of the situations that teachers have to face. Keeduu is coming with a solution and hopes to take over the Education app world.

    Founded by Mari Kilpeläinen, teacher and assistant principal from Joensuu, Finland. She graduated as a teacher from Joensuu in 2001. Attracted by technology, Kilpeläinen studied computer-aided teaching as her minor subject. She has experience of using tablet devices in her own teaching already for a few years. Joined by Riikka Riisanen, teacher too and Antti Vikman, coder, they founded Kasauma education.

    Keeduu aim to offer a all-in-one solution with separate videos, electronic book, online educationnal platform and games. Till nowadays, you had to use different apps and tools to get a complete offer to the pupils.

    “I was teacher with digital material, and there is huge gap between teachers. A main idea was to do something easy to use for teachers, so everything had to be in the same place.

    An easy use concept might be the key of success for this startup. The game works on the repetition – with a increased difficulty. The pupils get rewarded with coins that unlock videos and other games.

    The game have been tested in 3 Classes on 20 Schools and the first feedback from pupils describes that the game is “so awesome that they were playing it on the free time.”

    The official launch for the english version will be November 11th. The Finnish version is already released for schools in Finland allowing teachers to create their own games to use with their pupils.