Ready, Set – And Beta Test Playfield!

Guys at Shark Punch took liberty of solving the biggest problem in the indie game development world – discoverability.

Playfield is a marketplace and a community designed to help you find awesome games based on your personal preferences and what’s happening in the community.

Success these days is not about reaching big audience, but about reaching the right one. App Stores do not really solve that problem all that much as you still have to make it to the top to get noticed.

Playfield aims to fix that.

It creates a personalized experience for each user that will point them to games that they’re more likely to want to buy. Playfield pulls info from different social media sites, like twitter and youtube, and uses assets – content and conversations happening around the particular game title.

Playfield also allows developers to engage their future community way ahead of the release and development of the game by giving the ability to showcase various artwork, videos, features and essentially visually engage the community. Community then can follow and comment on the progress, giving developers necessary feedback to improve it the game.

Playfield wants indie games to succeed. Games added during 2015 will enjoy 90% profit sharing until February 2016. After that, profit sharing will be reduced to 75% and remain at that point, which is one of the best deals nonetheless.

Indie developers should really give Playfield a shot, much like Steam Greenlight project, it’s there to help you promote your game and reach the top!