The collaborative mindset of Helsinki gets recognition

    Helsinki’s third place in this year’s CITIE-comparison proves that a smaller-scale city is capable in developing ecosystems and policies that support creating a thriving entrepreneurial tech scene.

    Helsinki has an ambitious vision to provide a comprehensive transport package to its citizens by 2025

    Nesta’s CITIE 2015 –report, comparing 40 cities around the world, ranks Helsinki as one of the best cities in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. Only New York and London got higher overall scores in the comparison based on three categories of openness, infrastructure and leadership.

    The three categories are divided in total of nine subcategories, roles, for the evaluation

    Helsinki showed strength especially in the infrastructure category, where the city was ranked as number one in roles of connector, investor and host. Especially Helsinki’s collaborative spirit in evolving local entrepreneurs in developing digital solutions, such as Helsinki Loves Developers and CitySDK platforms, were mentioned in the report. Also emphasis on developing mobility as service with a vision to integrate private and public transportation by 2025 was notified as an ambitious project.

    As innovation and entrepreneurship have an important role to play in shaping the future of cities, ‘City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ –report aims on providing policymakers a resource to help them develop initiatives that support the development of cities. CITIE-report is based on a CITIE-framework formed by Nesta in cooperation with Accenture and Future Cities Catapult.

    Alongside Helsinki, also Copenhagen was participating in the comparison of Scandinavian countries. Click here to check the results.