GoMore revolutionizes car ownership with new leasing concept

    GoMore‘s new leasing concept means that you can now lease a car for 6 months, renting it out 8 days of each month when not in use, to make a full return on your payment. Basically – lease a car for free!

    The Danish platform for private car-leasing is eager to get this show in the road: you can already sign yourself up for a lease online. It is expected that the first cars will be out and rolling in just a few weeks. The first model will be the 10 Citroën C1, with new models added over time.

    “We believe that this model has the potential to become mainstream in car ownership. Private rental and share-economy is here to stay, the younger generation is particularly interested in having access to a car for comfort and economy, than for ownership in the traditional sense.” says Matias Mol Dalsgaard, CEO. Director  of GoMore.

    While it previously has not been possible to rent privately leased vehicles, this new concept from GoMore and LeasePlan is a revolutionary step within car ownership.

    “With our new concept, we open up a whole new market for private leases where the Danes who have not previously been able to afford it now can. At the same time, anyone can hire a new lease easily and cheaply when the need arises. Both the lease and the concept of shared cars is undoubtedly something we will see much more of in just a few years.” says Lars Eegholm, President. Director of LeasePlan Denmark.


    As a private person you lease a new car by LeasePlan for a period of 6 months for 1,795 Danish kr. per month, which includes the cost of insurance and 12,000km. There is no payment, but you must pay a deposit of 3,590 kr. Paid back by the end of the lease, less any damage and mileage.  You can use the car in the same way you would any other private lease, but can also rent the vehicle via GoMore’s website when you are traveling or working and therefore not using it yourself.

    You can rent it out at 225 kr per day. It is also possible to rent the car by the hour but at a minimum of four hours at a time. When you rent the car is entirely up to you and the days need not be consecutive. GoMore recommends renting it out 8 days of each month in order to completely reduce your final payment. Naturally, the more you rent out your car, the lower the fee of your monthly leasing. After the 6 months period you may continue with a new lease if you so desire.

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