Giosg Offers Targeted Live Help For Websites

    Helsinki-based Giosg has built a sales, marketing, and customer intelligence solution designed to help companies get the most out of live help on their websites. Their main innovation offered by Giosg is the service allows companies to recognize and prioritize the most potential visitors in real time, and then reach out to them using a nicely integrated live-chat solution. The browser-based service is easy to use, and is designed to help any organization increase sales online by targeting only their most valuable potential customers who are browsing their website.

    The installation of Giosg requires adding just one script to your website. This script maps your website, and through the settings you can target customers based on the priority you set for each page. If a webshop is running a new campaign, for example, a user could easily set the priority of that page to higher. The business potential for each customer is then calculated, and show graphically.

    Customers can contact sales representatives themselves through the service, or you can message users browsing your website. They’ve added a game-like interface for tracking and messaging customers, and if you wish to be more reactive than proactive, the service offers audio notifications whenever a customer needs assistance.

    The company is working with telecom companies, media companies, and larger professional organizations — essentially starting with companies that have a dedicated sales team that is free to interact with customers. But the company is also now targeting smaller companies with 5-100 employees, who can also likely see the benefits in such a service.

    As customers, Giosg is providing their services for DNA’s webshop, DNA Pro, who saw their conversion rate immediately increase. Giosg also has online hotel distribution technology provider Hotelzon International and online pharmacy

    “When competing businesses have similar products, services and prices it’s the advanced customer engagement and customer service that wins the game. Ltd will be releasing a series of products and services that work seamlessly together. All these help companies to streamline and automate their marketing, sales and customer engagement through the life-­cycle. The world will change”, says co-founder Riku Uski.

    The Giosg live solution starts at €39 a month. The service also has a 10 day free trial, and the company tells me you can easily set it up on your domain in 5 minutes. To see the live chat in action and find out more, go to and click the bar on the right.