The Friday Wrap-Up

    Well hello Friday. Here’s your weekly dosage of local startup news, events, and jobs that we came across. Top image is of Garage48’s new space in Tallinn. It looks like a really cool environment, see more pictures of the space here.


    Here’s a “Beautiful Shadow Cities inspired tattoo by Hurshid of the Architects.” ShadowCities is a location-based mobile MMORPG built by Helsinki’s Grey Area Labs.

    Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify has said that the average Spotify user listened to an average of 100 minutes a day and have created more than 700 million playlists. I wonder how many of those playlists have the words “chill” or “summer” in the title. Will follow up.

    Mojang founder Marcus Persson has this to say about Minecraft’s Xbox 360 launch:

    Yelp is now available in Norway.

    Angry Birds has now been downloaded 1 billion times across all platforms and versions.

    Ted Valentin of Tripbirds gave an interesting fireside chat with Annika Linde of Swedish Startup Sessions about 24 hour business camp and the current startup climate in Sweden.


    The full list of events can be found on our event page, but here’s a taste.

    Tonight Johnson & Johnson top management is meeting startups at the Garage48 HUB space in Tallinn.

    And tonight in Tartu, the Spring meetup is coming together at the Edicy office.

    In Tallinn Agile Saturday is “getting their brunch on” 9:00 Saturday morning at Hotel Euroopa.

    Webshaped is a Helsinki event on design and development. Metting May 16 at 10:00.

    May 17 is the Budapest Tech Meetup in Helsinki featuring Prezi and LogMeIn. Free beer to the first 50 attendees (thats how you sell an event to a Finnish audience).

    Interested in getting started with the technical side of startups? Check out Aaltoes Learn It in Helsinki. Will run you €10, but includes food and like a really interesting session on May 18.

    Health Hack Day May 18 at Hoa’s Tool Shop in Stockholm!

    Hey ladies. Check out Rails Girls Helsinki on May 19 before they’re off again to the far corners of the globe.

    Cluster 55, ICT cluster in the cross boarder region of southern Sweden and eastern Denmark, are hosting the first of our quarterly brokerage event in June. At the event they’ll have LG, HTC, Huawei, Sony, RIM, Telia Sonera and ST Ericsson coming to scout technology. More info here.


    In interviewing Giosg, I found that they just hired a great new employee from our job board! Of course, thats how job boards work, but it’s nice to hear people satisfied.

    Currently we have a lot of new jobs in Helsinki. Check them out on the board.

    Tellyo has an internship available, Soprano Brain Alliance is looking for a System Adminstrator, Hyperin is looking for and Operations Manager, Tuxera needs a Chinese speaking Sales and Marketing Executive, and Applifier is looking for an OpenGL ES Programmer.