Friday Wrap-up (And Last Day To Apply To Our Startup Competition)

    It’s Friday, and here we’ve got your weekly rundown of more news, events, and jobs to keep on your radar. Today is also the last day to apply to our startup competition, so be sure to get those applications in! The top image is a bottle of 1970 Dom Pérignon, added to the grand prize pool by Tastingbook. Its great marketing of their startup because I keep bragging about it. I’m gonna need a sip, winners.

    The grand prize pool is valued at € 21 890, including €10 000 in cash and more startup support services added by San Francisco Oy, Pipedrive,, Graduateland, and CraveEat Mobile.

    Apply here!

    Web Of Trust  hit 100,000 downloads in one day. Huge.

    Pixelmator isn’t far behind with 250 000 downloads of their 2.1 release in two weeks.

    You’re getting old, Skype celebrated its 9th birthday.

    Skype’s all about using their Foursquare checkin locations for recruiting.

    The awsome address book application from Latvia, Cobook, now syncs with google contacts.

    Spotify has started offering physical gift cards.

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    September 4: Launch of mobiili mobile publication Helsinki

    September 6: BAF Live! 6.9.2012 Helsinki

    September 6: Startup Night #1: Everplaces Sponsored by Silicon Vikings in Copenhagen

    September 8: Jolla and Devaamo are throwing a Hackday in Tampere.

    September 10: The European Pirate Summit Cologne

    September 12: Aalto Start-Up Center 15 years anniversary Helsinki

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    I saw Spotify has some tech puzzles up if you’re interested in a job there.

    Kenetic Pixel is looking for a Voice-over for a technical demo video Helsinki

    Kisosked needs a Senior Software Engineer (Back-end) Espoo

    Giosg could use a Sales Executive and User Experience Designer Helsinki

    Arbitron Mobile is looking for a Reporting Analyst / Developer, a Analyst / Data Scientist, a Senior Mobile Developer, Android, and a Mobile Developer, iOS. All located in Espoo.