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Markus Räikkönen becomes CEO of AI startup, Forte, spearheading rapid growth

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Forte, a Finland-based AI startup and the creator of “Professional Life AI”, is thrilled to welcome Markus Räikkönen as its new CEO. With a strong background in working with international tech companies and previous experience from the VC industry, Räikkönen brings a global perspective and Silicon Valley mindset to the company. His expertise will be of critical importance in spearheading Forte’s expansion, and in scaling the AI platform to global markets.

Past few years Markus has worked as an investor at international VC firms (Headline, Yes VC), early backers of numerous unicorn companies. He’s also an investor and board member at ReOrbit, a satellite industry growth company specializing in critical internet Geo satellites.

Forte’s mission is to empower human potential and to create a new AI-powered job market. The company’s core technology is an advanced AI-system called “Professional Life AI”. It’s a vertical AI platform focused on things related to working life situations. It’s a game-changing platform that specializes in skills and jobs, and has a deep understanding of all aspects of working life, from job hunting to recruitment and hiring, and from messaging to negotiation.

Forte offers smart assistants that help and represent users. The company’s vision is to create a job market where professionals and companies have representative AI’s acting on their behalf. For individuals this means that a person never again has to write a resume or job application, Forte will do it automatically. A personal assistant is easy to chat with and always has the user’s best interest in mind. It’s a supportive coach and professional life companion that knows the skills, personal interests and career goals of the user. For businesses Forte offers magical features. It knows all talents and their skills and competencies across the talent pool. From this knowledge it can help with many use cases in a blink of an eye. It builds teams, sells consultants, and provides business analytics.

“I am excited to assume the role of CEO. I’ve been part of the company from the beginning and I’m very proud of the work that Forte’s team has done. We’re making pioneering AI assistant technology with paradigm-shifting features. Forte is creating a new world where AI empowers and helps humans to reach their potential. We want to connect the world’s skills economy into a more inclusive AI-powered job market,“ says Markus Räikkönen.

Forte is in the forefront of AI development and launching one of the first large-scale platforms in the world, to enable and push agent-to-agent interactions. It’s time to make AI to empower humans and to boost collective achievement of organizations on a global scale.

Forte is an early-stage startup. Investors include Yes VC (US) and Redstone VC (Europe). Funding round announcements upcoming.

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