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Danish healthtech startup Rokoko Care secures investment from Trifork to advance AI-based physiotherapy

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Copenhagen-based Rokoko Care has secured a strategic partnership with Trifork, a global technology partner, to offer digital physiotherapy treatments in patients’ homes. This partnership includes a significant investment from Trifork, giving them a 22% ownership stake in Rokoko Care. The collaboration aims to improve healthcare and quality of life through advanced technology, leveraging Rokoko Care’s pioneering computer vision technology, which tracks users’ movements via their phone cameras. This investment will enable Rokoko Care to expand its physiotherapy solution and provide personalized treatments to enhance the quality, flexibility, and effectiveness of care.

Rokoko Care is a health tech startup offering a digital physiotherapy solution that enables patients to receive treatment in their own homes. The platform consists of a web portal for physiotherapists and an app for citizens, allowing physiotherapists to assign rehabilitation programs that patients can easily access and follow. Using advanced computer vision technology, the app tracks patients’ movements in real-time as they perform exercises, providing objective data to physiotherapists for personalized treatments. This approach enhances training completion rates and enables physiotherapists to monitor progress remotely, ultimately improving the quality, flexibility, and effectiveness of care.

This partnership furthers Trifork’s and Rokoko Care’s mission to address critical societal challenges with innovative solutions on both national and international levels. Trifork’s over 20 years of experience in health IT, combined with Rokoko Care’s pioneering computer vision technology—which tracks users’ movements in real time via their phone cameras—ensures that Rokoko Care’s digital physiotherapy platform can be accessible to everyone in need.

“With an aging population and increasing demands on a strained healthcare system, there is an urgent need for digital home treatment solutions. Rokoko Care’s platform complements Trifork’s portfolio of health solutions, which support home-based treatment and the entire patient journey. A significant technical advantage is that Rokoko Care’s computer vision technology operates on citizens’ own devices,” mentions Karen Skjerbæk Jørgensen, CCO for Trifork Digital Health.

For over two decades, Trifork has developed and implemented innovative digital health solutions in Denmark, including the Shared Medication Record, the My Doctor app, and the Telma solution. This extensive experience will enable Rokoko Care to elevate their physiotherapy solution to the highest level. Rokoko Care brings deep insights into physiotherapy, along with advanced motion capture technologies, combined with computer vision and AI, which can introduce new opportunities to Trifork Digital Health.

“Developing and implementing digital solutions that meet the demands of both the public and citizens is always challenging. Our extensive experience with numerous solutions for municipalities, regions, and agencies will help Rokoko Care maximize the value of their innovative platform,” says Jesper Grankær Carøe, CEO Trifork Digital Health.

“Rokoko Care introduces a valuable tool for clinical practice that facilitates physiotherapeutic rehabilitation for patients in their own homes without compromising healthcare quality. This solution provides objective data, enabling physiotherapists to personalize treatments for each patient, thereby enhancing the quality, flexibility, and effectiveness of care. Consequently, treatments can be conducted more frequently wherever the patient is—at home, at work, or even at a vacation home. This level of flexibility is highly desired by patients,” states Jakob Fisker, CPO and co-founder of Rokoko Care.

“Although we are a relatively new company, the timing of our solution is perfect. We believe that the future of healthcare lies in a combination of physical and digital services, delivered as close to the patient as possible, with the patient at the center. Partnering with Trifork and receiving their investment will allow us to expand our solution to reach many more people, fostering innovative and effective healthcare solutions. We are excited about this partnership and the potential it holds,“ says Matias Søndergaard, CEO and co-founder of Rokoko Care.

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