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Swedish startup For Real! Foods has attracted many heavy investors

Skärhamn-based startup For Real! Foods has attracted many investors with nutritious and healthy food made from natural ingredients without additives and with a list of ingredients that is easy to understand. The new capital made by PINC (Paulig Incubator) and many other investors will allow the company to expand in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. This is also a chance for them to launch its new products before the year ends. For Real! Foods is expecting to satisfy the ever-mounting demand for its production and invest in selling its pizza bases to the restaurant sector.

For Real! Foods is ready to expand in the rest of Nordic region

FOR REAL! FOODS just closed its first investment round that will fuel its expansion in the Nordics and bring several new products from pipeline to the dinner tables. The key to improve world health is to reconnect humanity to nature through REAL food – nutritious and 100% natural without additives. The startup’s innovative pizzas are produced with carefully selected ingredients with customers’ health top of mind.

They are now in a journey together with PINC (Paulig Incubator), the investment branch of Paulig Group, that led the seed round as well as the health advocates Maria Borelius & Carina Nunstedt and Ewa Meurk, the team at Njord Ventures, the experienced entrepreneurs Bo BertelsenChrister Ridderheim and Hans Johansson as well as Gunnar RytterlingJoakim Lisinski and Stefan Nordahl.

FOR REAL! FOODS challenges the food industry with its unique pizza concept

One year ago, For Real launched! Foods frozen pizzas with bases baked on Swedish locally grown cabbage or Swedish chicken. Now several heavy investors are joining the fast-growing and innovative company.

For Real! Foods was launched in 2020 after the founders Daniel and Kristin Nowak reacted to how public health is deteriorating at an ever faster pace, while parts of the food industry fill the shelves with nutrient-poor and ultra-processed fast food. Their first concept is a new type of frozen pizza that is baked with bases on locally grown cabbage or Swedish chicken.
By replacing cereals and additives with nutritious and 100% natural raw materials, a unique and healthier product is obtained that is both gluten-free, low carb and high in fiber and protein.

For Real! Foods, Kristin Nowak, Daniel Nowak

“Sweden eats the most ultra-processed food in the entire EU  and over 50% in Sweden are overweight. We want to reverse this trend and help people regain their health through nutritious food without additives – what we call real food. Real food that is not only healthy and sustainable but also incredibly good.” says Kristin and Daniel Nowak, founders, For Real! Foods.

After just one year on the market, the company is now raising SEK 9 million (around 840K€) from several well-known investors to meet demand. The line of investors includes PINC, the food company Paulig’s venture capital branch, Maria Borelius’ award-winning science journalist, biologist and author of several health books, Christer Ridderheim – one of the founders of Ridderheim’s delicacies, Hans Johansson – serial entrepreneur and one of the founders of Semcon and Vinngroup, Njord and most business angels.

For Real! Foods, Marika King, PINC“For Real! Foods has succeeded with the piece of art in creating a more nutritious alternative to one of the most enjoyable meals we have – pizza. Many people are looking for really good alternatives to fast dishes and snacks that are gluten-free, have local ingredients and are without additives – and now they get one that really holds the measure! In addition, the team has several new products underway, so we look forward to an exciting journey.” says Marika King, head of PINC.

The new capital will primarily be used for geographical expansion in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region, at the same time as the unique production process will be scaled up to meet increased demand. In addition to the grocery trade, the company is now also investing in selling its unique pizza bases to the restaurant sector. The capital will also enable the launch of new innovative products in 2022.

For Real! Foods, Carina Nunstedt“This is the future! People are changing their eating habits at a rapid pace and demanding healthier food, including simple solutions for stressful days.” says Maria Borelius, author of the best-selling book The Health Revolution. It is also the name of Sweden’s largest health pod, which Maria produces together with Carina Nunstedt, who she has also chosen to invest in For Real! Foods.

PINC in brief  
PINC is Paulig’s venture arm for investments in early stage start-ups in and around the future of food. The objective of PINC is to help Paulig renew itself and prosper as well as contribute to a tastier and more sustainable planet.

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