Flockified's Ticket Purchase Service Lets You Work Out The Details With Your Group

    Right now, event planning services like Eventbright and Ticketmaster are providing a decent way to buy and receive tickets, but not much more. A new Helsinki-based player called Flockified noticed that if a ticket service had a “organize this with your friends” feature instead of the current “I’m coming or nothing” approach, they could provide a service to both venues and users.

    GigsWiz Ltd., the company behind Flockified, have based their entry into the ticketing market on some data. Analysis of the ticket purchase landing page data and doing further consumer research they found that 90% of customers exit the purchase funnel after the initial event discovery phase on standard ticketing pages.

    Flockified clearly saw a piece missing between event discovery and the final purchase. People make decision as groups, especially when it comes to inherently social events like concerts or festivals. However, the social group decision-making process has been largely ignored by the ticket vendors and event listing services, aside from a few “like” or “share” buttons.

    An event listing website with Fockified still has the “Buy Now” as their primary call to action, but also gives them the option of planning the event with their friends instead of giving users the back button.

    Here is their value proposition:

    1. Consumers make more efficient group decisions on ticket purchases faster with the Flockified app
    2. Partners (i.e. event listing sites and ticket sites) improve their retention marketing & consumer reach by providing secondary call-to-action buttons and linking the consumers back to partners’ sites
    3. Event organizers market their events directly and privately to groups that are already considering attending the event – without having to publicly discount the ticket prices.

    They seem be innovative and offer a quality service for nearly everyone, so lets see how they compete in a market with so many established players.