StartupInMe Is A New Type Of Aggregator For The Startup World

    We are always on the lookout for interesting news and startups, especially those coming from the people and teams we have already covered on Arctic Startup.  From and its founder Jüri Kaljundi, who recently unveiled the new look of, we caught wind of a new news aggregator they’ve put together called StartupInMe.

    StartupInMe is a news aggregator and Q&A community for startups. The basic idea is to provide startup enthusiasts and experts a destination to share opinions and remain up to date on all news associated to the global startup scene. While that might classify StartupInMe as “just another startup news aggregator”, you may enjoy it due to its tight focus, and the slow culture shift prevalent on other popular aggregators.

    So how does StartupInMe get its news?

    The content on StartupInMe comes from two basic methods: by automatic discovery of startup related content, submissions from users, and by following key influencers in the startup scene

    Each of these items then get ranked by users in the community to maintain the high quality of selection and to keep the most useful or resourceful items at the top. Users can signup to the service with their Facebook account or even with the Utopic login to make use of the service.

    Once you are signed in, you have the option to add a question or submit a link. At the same time you can assign a category to the shared item, to ensure that the question is targeted at select audience.

    The user engagement is ensured with the availability of leaderboard, showcasing the top voters and contributors with the highest points on the home page. While talking with Jüri, we also learned that engaging the community is the biggest challenge for him, which is obvious as creating a platform is not much difficult with all the tools available.

    Our concern is the same as highlighted by Jüri; “engaging users”. Hacker News is the go-to site to share startup related links, and Quora already is a popular destination for users to find answers.  I suppose the real value currently is in the tight community, where your voice and opinion have value instead of being drowned out by the multitude of users on other sites. So if you are into having all startup related news at one place, and you have an opinion that you think is of value, then StartupInMe is the right place to be.

    StartupInMe also has a Chrome App available and you can download it here.