Finnish telehealth platform Medixine raise 2.9 mln euros

Finnish telehealth provider Medixine said it has raised a €2.9 million round led by a crowdfunding campaign organized by Springvest as it seeks to expand in Britain and in continental Europe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the need for remote healthcare solutions as healthcare service providers have been forced to adopt new, modern solutions at an accelerated pace.


Medixine has developed a platform that allows healthcare centers and hospitals to flexibly meet patient needs and allocate resources utilizing data. The Medixine Suite offers communication, monitoring and collaboration tools for all parties involved in the care process of patients.

Medixine’s platform helps healthcare professionals prioritize resources for patients that need urgent care. Up-to-date information from remote patient monitoring allows healthcare providers to, e.g., decrease unnecessary doctor’s appointments and shorten a patient’s stay at the hospital.

With secure remote monitoring and video appointments, patients can conveniently have healthcare appointments from the comfort of their home, which is particularly important physically and mentally for the elderly, people with mobility issues, and recently discharged patients.

Earlier investors include the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Vendep Capital.