Sweden’s Suturion raises 14 mln crowns

Swedish health tech Suturion, which is developing a kind of post-surgery sewing machine, has raised 14 million crowns from private investors and Almi Invest for product and market development until the first clinical trial.

In abdominal surgery today, the surgeon sews the abdomen together manually. In too many cases, this closure is not of high enough quality, leading to wound ruptures, hernias and infections.

Lund-based Suturion wants to remedy this problem through its surgical sewing machine, which produces a standardized seam for abdominal closure. This helps the surgeon to sew the abdominal cavity together faster and with high quality, which is expected to lead to reduced patient suffering and lower costs for wound-related complications.

“Suturion’s sewing machine is a unique product with great market potential.”

Anna Gisselsson, Investment Manager Almi Invest.

The sewing machine also protects doctors and nurses from stab wounds, which otherwise involves a risk of contracting blood infections such as HIV and hepatitis C.

Suturion, which was founded in 2018, is still in a preclinical phase, with three preclinical studies conducted.