Finnish startup Pint Please Launches in the UK and Announces Investment from Butterfly Ventures

Pint Please, the social app that allows users to discover new beers, track their locations, give ratings; get/hand out recommendations on what beers to enjoy and where, was warmly welcomed by the Finnish amateur beer enthusiast community, and with their recent expansion, we hope the same reception will await the app in the UK.

The last time we covered them, it was clear that Finland would only be stage one of their app roll out, and now Pint Please has reached the point where expansion to the UK is finally happening.

In addition to the expansion and its new UK signature beer announcement, Pint Please also tells us of a seed round from by Butterfly Ventures and a group of investors in Finland and the U.K.

Pint Please Co-founder Juha Karppinen wouldn’t specify the exact amount, but did say the round will be around €300 000 – €400 000.

”We’ve been watching Pint Please for some time now. The team has come up with a great launch strategy that should solve most of the critical mass challenges usually faced by mobile applications”, said Ville Heikkinen from Butterfly Ventures. “Furthermore Pint Please has excellent early traction metrics, including the monetization side of the business model. Also, we like and respect the founders, their expertise, balanced skillset and especially the ease of communication and cooperation.”

The UK launch is taking place simultaneously to the Great British Beer Festival in London, where Pint Please is announcing its signature beer to celebrate the launch. The beer is brewed by one of their first UK brewery clients, Oakham Ales, and the beer was specifically designed at a brewing contest at the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Pint Please faces competition from a few beer apps in the U.S. that allows users to “check in” to the beers they’re drinking, such as Untappd, which seems to have decent traction in the States. Still, Europe seems to be out there for the taking as Europeans dive into microbrews.