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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Finnish Machine Learning startup has been selected by the Y Combinator

Reactive Voice User Interface API of Speechly, a Finnish software company that focuses on developing voice user interfaces, has been selected by Y Combinator, a well-known startup accelerator, for their Winter 2022 batch.

Speechly was founded in 2016 by Hannes Heikinheimo as a computer software company. The company focuses on areas such as voice user interfaces, natural language processing and deep learning. Fast and simple Voice User Interface API that the company provides is aimed to improve retention, conversion and user experience.

The company has spent years developing its technology and it has recently introduced its commercial product. As a result of this years of hard work, it is now joining Y Accelerator’s program which helps startups grow.

Now the software company can get access to a great network of founders and investors

Y Combinator has been founded in 2005 as a startup fund and program that is headquartered in California. Throughout its journey, the program has helped almost 3000 companies create their products, connect with their customers and get investment. Companies such as Airbnb, Coinbase and Dropbox are among the companies that Y Combinator has invested in.

Although it selects startups to invest in twice year, the program’s acceptance rate is around 1.5-2%, so they are very selective about who they invest in. Y Combinator has recently selected Speechly to work with and the Finnish company is joining YC’s Winter 2022 batch. With this new development, Speechly will get access to a huge network of founders and investors, aiming to grow and expand in the future.

Sena Konakci
Sena Konakci
A true free spirit, Sena (she/her) spent a substantial part of her life travelling the world and was working for successful startups in many different fields along with writing for local newspapers and magazines for over two decades. With a knack for detecting promising businesses and years of experience under her belt, Sena has decided to focus her attention on writing about startups. Aside from following the newest developments in the startup scene of the Nordic countries, she loves volunteering and camping in her spare time.

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