Finnish Liid Closes €250,000 Seed Round

Finnish startup Liid said on Wednesday it has closed an investment round of 250,000 euros to push globally its app which registers sales activities such as phone calls, emails and meetings to your CRM system, saving time for sales people.

The app works in the background and helps sales people by minimising manual tasks. In addition to registering sales activities, Liid scans business cards and has a built-in personal assistant which aids salespeople with daily tasks and suggests whom to contact and when.

The data that the app collects can be used for analysing the sales process and providing organisations with valuable information on how to improve their sales operations. “By tracking sales activities you can analyse everything from, when is the best time to call your clients to how much time you should spend on your biggest customers,” CEO Juha Herranen, said in a statement.

“Salespeople spend around 30-45 minutes every day updating their CRM; this is the time that really should be spent with customers. Think about it, what is the number one problem salespeople all over the world have? A lack of time. Imagine if I could actually give you your time back. So now the question is, what would you do with it?” he said.