Selling Automation For SaaS Startups

You have built a fantastic software product with your small team and now have to just sell the subscriptions to use it. Easy? Just a web-shop, trials, payments, analytics, testing, data collection, usage metrics, provisioning, user management, customer support etc. Weeks of work and a lot of headaches just to be able to sell your fantastic product?

There is an easier solution coming to market. And with the new Pilvi™ selling automation platform its much faster too, enabling you to focus on your own product development.


“Half a day for a specialist,” describes Tapio Talvisalo the time it takes to integrate to Pilvi™. ”And a couple of workdays more to set up your whole online selling process with our web-shop product,” Tapio continues.

Pilvi™ is an all-in-one service for early stage SaaS companies, ideal to take up when the startups have not built out their customer onboarding system and are thinking how to do it. It’s ideal for sales of any on-physical, continuous, capacity variating services, through the companies own websites.

Fast and Furious

Many established firms have built similar systems from best of breed pieces on the market and have used months and years to do it. The cost and take-up-time are from different planet.

Talvisalo was one of the founders of the top Nordic e-commerce firm Smilehouse. After leaving the daily role from Smilehouse he set up hosting provider Louhi and he built an early version of Pilvi for Louhi’s store.

When a user logs into Pilvi he or she can choose from between 10 different types of SaaS onboarding process. After picking the closest for one’s own business need, Pilvi automates everything starting from simple one click free trial-provisioning to full license activation with customizable setup parameters, and personalised order related messaging.

The company is running pilots with first 5 test customers and is looking for a few more pilots to test its selling automation platform in coming weeks. This year it will also launch the ultimate pilot. “We will start to sell our own product through our own product.”