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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Finnish game industry showcased on Playfinland.fi

Tekes announced yesterday the opening of Playfinland.fi presenting Finnish companies to the world. Target groups are international media, potential partners and investors abroad — and anyone else interested. The site is produced and funded by Verso – Vertical Software Solutions program of Tekes.

Tekes highlights that in 2007 the amount of financing allocated to the Finnish game industry was thirty times more than the amount of similar funding granted generally in the EU last year. The Finnish game industry is known for many original innovations, as well as high quality products, including both games and related products like 3D graphics technology.

There has been a lot of activity in the M&A sector in the last few years as well, some examples being ATI buying mobile graphics technology company Bitboys, Nvidia acquiring 3D graphics specialist Hybrid Graphics, and a bunch of mobile gaming companies sold to foreign companies. Unfortunately, for the most part the Finnish firms have been on the selling side of the table, mostly attributed to lack of capital available for expansion on their own.

Those interested can also join Play Finland Facebook group, which has been created to connect both Finnish and international players in the field.

More on Playfinland.fi in the press release.

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