Finnish Beacons Jump On Kickstarter

Finnish startup Ruuvi Innovations Ltd reached in just 4 hours on Monday the $10,000 target it had set for its Kickstarter campaign for raise money for production of its beacons.

Ruuvi has built an open-source sensor beacon platform for makers, developers and Internet of Things companies.

“Soon we’ll be surrounded by small intelligent sensor nodes that analyze the environment and offer people more content on their smartphones,” the team said in its campaign.

Ruuvi’s story began 7 years ago when one of the founders launched a website for Finnish electronics hobbyists while he was a student at University of Oulu in northern Finland. Ruuvipenkki became a popular site among embedded electronics hobbyists. The current company, Ruuvi Innovations was founded in 2015 to continue the passion of embedded systems.

By the evening of the Day 1 it had raised $22,883 from 415 backers.