Finnish Backpacks On Mars. Soon.

Helsinki-based Tespack is working on developing solar backpacks suitable for usage on Mars. On top of creating solar panels that function in the -140° Celsius temperatures, it will study implementing IoT and connectivity applications in the backpacks.

Tespack has teamed up with the Austrian Space Forum (Österreichisches Weltraum Forum) for the mission. The Forum is currently doing research on advanced spacesuit simulator for the first manned missions to Mars.

Energy generation is crucial to the success of these missions and the survival of the astronauts in question. Tespack has developed a perfect solution for energy generation on-the-go. Their backpacks have already proven their worth in extreme situations on earth. Now the Austrian Space Forum and Tespack will improve the solar backpacks to be able to withstand the extreme conditions on Mars.


Long and winding road to Mars

Tespack says its products can survive any type of temperature or weather condition. Their solar panels and backpacks have been used in expeditions to Kilimanjaro, Antartica, K2 and the Amazon, and tested by the United Nations and military special forces.

Tespack collaborates with the number of scientists and extreme athletes. One of their ambassadors is a scientist and polar explorer Klemens Weisleitner, who lead a two-week Mars field-simulation mission in the Kaunertal glacier region, Austria. Tespack backpacks proved itself in Weisleitner’s expedition to Antarctic, and he put the company in touch with the Austrian Space Forum. Through the discussions, they realised the potential for developing new products together.

“Tespack is super excited to be collaborating with top scientists and astronauts at the Austrian Space Forum. Our technology has already been used in the most extreme and rigid conditions. Through this partnership, we will push our boundaries and technology even further,” said Yesika Aguilera, co-founder and Business Development Officer at Tespack.