Digital Identity For 21st Century

How assured digital identities work? How they tie into identity-based technology? What’s the role of Estonia and its e-residency in this?

A small, exclusive conference The Future of Identity, held September 1-3 in Tallinn, will look for answers to these profound questions in digital identity space.

Estonia’s E-Residency has been promoted as many things, but fundamentally it is a government verified digital identity. This is important right now because proving who people are is essential for the development of online services, from Fintech to e-Government, and especially on the Blockchain.


Late in 2015, ran their first event in London. They threw out this question: what if you could use a government assured digital identity on the Blockchain? This developed into a debate about how all these new, fast moving ideas tie together. Estonia has put its healthcare records on the Blockchain. But for this to work you need to know for sure who the doctor and patient are. This works in Estonia, but not, for example, in the UK.

The conference is small, exclusive, and focused on panels and round-table discussions rather than keynote speeches. The aim is to facilitate an in-depth discussion amongst experts, connect opinion leaders in the space, and to enjoy the fun side of working on new ideas.

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The conference has panels on how identity ties into e-Health, e-Government, startups, Fintech, Blockchain, and security. Experts will explore diverse topics such as how big data from e-Government in Estonia is used for predictive policy making, and how in the future any EU citizen with a government-issued digital ID should be able to access another governments’ services.

Global Identity Network

Panelists include Kaspar Korjus, the MD of Estonia’s e-Residency Program, Sten Tamkivi, CEO of Teleport, Chris Leiter, Head of Healthcare at KPMG, Patrick Curry OBE, Director, British Business Federation Authority, Luca Castellani from the UN, Arie Levy-Cohen, of Credits, and John Edge from Identity2020. It’s a diverse and interesting group of people, with broad expertise across different sectors, all connected by Identity.

Since the end of 2015, has run events in London, Berlin, New York, Silicon Valley, Singapore, and Tokyo. The events created a network of over 700 thought-leaders around the world interested in e-Residency who came together to develop ideas on the future of e-Residency and identity. You can see more on the events here.

The events created such a unique network by working with local partners including CreditsCitizen Beta,  Factory Berlin,AscribeBitAliasPlus ID,  Pioneers AsiaJEEADISWageCaneSparQNowTechdayRise New YorkeResNetwork,ConsensysTeleportOnenameCreditsAscribeEnterprise EstoniaByte Academy, and The Working Capitol.

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