FINHTML5 Conference Brings Together Speakers To Talk The Future Of HTML5

    SC5, the good folks that put together an ArcticStartup Windows 8 App for us, are hosting a pretty awesome day all about HTML5 by bringing together a lot of smart people to talk about the true nature and future of HTML5. The mini-conference will take place on January 24th at Adams in Helsinki in collaboration with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Nokia. The conference is buiilt for a tech/developer minded audience, but they also feel that there is a good message for tech-oriented business leaders, service designers, and designers in general.

    “There’s a lot of misconception about what HTML5 is and what you can actually do with it. We want to say that it’s a learning and networking session for people who want to understand how digital services might evolve in the future,” says Petro Soininen of SC5.

    The speaker lineup looks quite respectable, and includes names like Andrew Betts from Financial Times’ FT-Labs, and Brian LeRoux, father of Phonegap. Petro Soininen tells us that their goal was to bring together hardcore hackers and the true visionaries who are thinking about the evolution of service design, and the field in a much broader scope.

    Even though the conference is partnered with some multinational corporations, SC5 is carrying the financial risk of running the show, and are not using the event to make any money. If there comes to be any profits made from the event, SC5 will donate it to a yet-to-be decided charity.

    “It’s [a nonprofit event] party out of goodwill for the community, but also try to make Finland as a hotbed sector for this kind of IT,” explains Soininen.

    SC5 has also given our readers also have access to a discount code! Just use the code 15arctic when grabbing a ticket here.