The Future Is Here, The Qii Keyboard By Canatu

    It is not the first time that we are covering Canatu, which is a Finnish technology company. The first time around, we thought that they will be a major breakthrough in the region and we might just claim that again now.
Back in 2010, it all sounded very complicated: “New class of versatile carbon-based components, nanotubes and nanobuds, etc”. Today, with the launch of “Qii”, they have become much more consumer friendly. Qii (Pronounced “Key”) is a keyboard straight from science fiction movies. Just take it out of your pocket, roll it out on any surface and type away.

    Unlike some other attempts, this product will be truly rollable and will fit in your pocket. It will also be virtually indestructible as you can easily wash it or smack it with a hammer. Of course you will be able to connect it to any device (within reason).

    The company was founded back in 2004 so it certainly looks like they know what they are doing. After all, their main business lies in providing custom components for flexible and formable devices. In addition to a lot of experience, they also have a nice IP portfolio with over 45 patents.

    In terms of Qii, they even have a working prototype, it is just a tad too big to fit anywhere at this time. However they know how to make it all work and are raising funds on Indiegogo in an attempt to do just that. 

Our own Greg Anderson said that he will support the cause, which makes sense as he moves around a lot and typing up ArcticStartup articles on an iPhone screen is not exactly fun.

    If they raise the money (Which is a whooping $ 1,850,000) then the first Qii’s are expected to be delivered in October of 2013. The cheapest Qii is $120 on Indiegogo, which I think is a bargain for such technology. Actually if you give them $9,500 then you will be expected to receive 100 Qii’s, at just $95 a piece. You can support the cause for Qii directly on Indiegogo.